H e l p m a s t e r


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With K/oS Helpy it is easy to design your Windows-Help (*.HLP) in Word 97. You can design your Helpfile with it 300-400% faster than with 'pure Word! Some of Helpys features:
  • Create jumps (hotspots) to topics, using ALink, KLink or direct jumps.
  • Create buttons (ALink, KLink)
  • Insert pictures
  • Edit topics (A- or K-Footnotes, Title and ID)
  • Save your document, activate MS HWS and compile your RTF-document
Helpy is also easy to use: Just select the text, which should appear as a hotspot in your Helpfile, select 'Insert Jump' and Helpy would show you all the possible jump-destinations. Simply select one and click 'OK'. Helpfile, Install- and Deinstallation included.