H e l p m a s t e r


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Nominated for Best Vertical Market Program or Utility for the 2000 Shareware Industry Awards
Ed Guy

  • [ASP] Shareware means that even the demo is not "Crippleware", no limits on number of help topics which the unregistered version will generate.
  • User works entirely within Word (English or non-English versions). You never have to touch a context string, or an HPJ or RTF file (unless you want to).
  • As a Word add-on, can import text in any file format which may be imported into Word, or copied into Word via clipboard. Can handle graphics in BMP, WMF and SHG format. Most graphics in other formats may be readily converted to SHG by pasting into SHED.EXE (see below) from the clipboard.
  • More languages now supported. Instructions are in English, but the product will work with Microsoft Word versions for most languages which use the Roman alphabet.
  • Can generate topics from Word Heading Styles, or user can identify them by pointing.
  • Generates a table of contents automatically, for display in the main window, a secondary window or a PopUp with jumps from it already in place.
  • User adds additional jumps and PopUps by highlighting the text or graphic to jump from and pointing to the topic to jump to. Mid- topic jumps are supported.
  • Generates search keywords automatically (user can edit) in lower, upper, or mixed case.
  • Can generate browse sequences automatically.
  • Generates and tracks context strings automatically (user can edit).
  • Can set sizes of main and secondary windows independently, both on initial display and on topic change. Can determine windows for initial display - main, secondary or both.
  • Set background colours for scrolling and non-scrolling text.
  • Set hotspot colour for cultures where green is not suitable.
  • Add sound effects by playing WAV files.
  • Launch other processes from within Help File by clicking text or icons.
  • Automatic multi-file project builds.
  • Generation and mapping of topic numbers for HELPCONTEXTID and other context-sensitive needs.
  • Incorporation of additional WinHelp macros by dialog box selection.
  • Expert users can supply a file of [sections] to be merged into HPJ file on each build.
  • Customised button bars for main window, secondary windows, PopUps or embedded in text. Button-top text in any language. Buttons call or PopUp any topic, WinHelp macro or launch another process.
  • Automatic generation of a "Glossary" topic if desired with an alphabet button box at the top and mid-topic jumps.
  • Generation of additional menus and menu items on the Winhelp menu bar. Even omission of the whole menu bar.
  • Customisable "copyright" line for WinHelp about box.
  • Built-in support for the EWDLL.DLL for 256 colour pictures (EWDLL.DLL is readily available from the Free Software Foundation).
  • Creation of ".HH" files for C/C++ compilers
  • Very comprehensive Help file (naturally!).