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HDK has hundreds of features that will let you produce better results in less time. Plus HDK will save you thousands of dollars in on-going maintenance costs. Create massive on-line help systems, web sites, CD-ROMs, intranets and much more with HDK.
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For the corporate user:
HDKs advanced document conversion system will automatically build large Web sites at the push of a button. Because HDK can be fully automated, it turns information owners into information publishers. Human Resources departments, Quality Assurance staff and Office Administrators can all create and maintain manuals on the intranet. And the IT Department can configure HDK to ensure that all documents created will adhere to a corporate look-&-feel and work on the company network.
For the technical writer:
HDK is the only online authoring tool designed for creating and maintaining massive and sophisticated online documentation projects. HDK provides advanced project design and management features that allow you to publish online systems that are over 100,000 topics!
If you are a documentation professional embarking on a new project, or responsible for maintaining an existing project, you simply must use HDK.
HDKs unique database design, true single-sourcing, virtual libraries, project themes and project import, will literally save you weeks, maybe even months of work. You will produce the highest quality work and greatly reduce the cost of ownership. HDK is the only tool that will enable you to do your job the best!