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Doc-To-Help 6.0
WexTech has long been on the cutting edge of help development technology, introducing features such as the Doc-To-Help Navigator, which tracks a table of contents, and the ability to embed sophisticated graphics and video inside help windows. Doc-To-Help 6.0 continues this tradition of innovation with breakthrough technology such as HelpXtender and AnswerWorks, while still delivering the industry's only true single source tool for easy development of printed documentation, Windows Help, HTML, HTML Help, and now JavaHelp, from a single, easily maintained source.

Using the HelpXtender ActiveX control, a programmer can easily host HTML pages and HTML Help topics within an application. Only Doc-To-Help Pro offers seven different inventive methods to embed help using this simple COM interface, bringing context-sensitive help to a new level of usability. For example, with HelpXtender you can easily embed help inside a dialog box, and have the content of the help change automatically as the user clicks different controls. This allows you to create apps where the help comes to the user automatically. For the programmer, using HelpXtender couldn't be easier, as its COM wrapper shields you from the HTML Help API. HelpXtender provides simple drag-and-drop embedding of HTML Help windows using any supported ActiveX container, saving time and effort.
AnswerWorks brings natural language processing to your application's Windows Help or HTML Help, allowing users to get answers to plain language questions. Users simply type in questions using their own words, and AnswerWorks invisibly analyzes each question and lists the most pertinent Help topics. The result is faster, easier and more accurate access to any Help system without guessing which term to use. AnswerWorks reads every word and sentence in your Help and builds a compact linguistic image (LIM) file that gets incorporated into your Help system. When an end-user asks a question, AnswerWorks matches the question against the linguistic image and displays the most relevant Help topics. The LIM is typically 50 to 90 percent smaller than a full text search file (and much more useful). AnswerWorks supports Help systems written in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.
Doc-To-Help Pro also includes Smooth Scaling, WexTech's extremely popular screen capture and anti-aliasing program that allows you to scale images for optimized display online.
And Doc-To-Help comes with Lotus ScreenCam, the video screen capture tool that lets you create audio/video presentations that can be launched from Windows Help, HTML Help or web documents.