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Visual Help
It's the completely integrated help development environment. Enables you to produce your help files and on-line documentation quickly and easily. You may have used some of the other help authoring tools that require you to type in special codes and use a separately purchased word processors. But when you're using Visual Help, you do not have to worry about all that, and your development time will be cut down from days to just minutes!
By WinWare Inc.

Welcome to Visual Help Pro, the powerful, easy-to-use development environment for creating Windows help files and other on-line documents.  On-line help provides quick and easy access to information about the features and operation of Windows applications. Adding on-line help to software will:
  • Allow customers to start using the software immediately, even if they never open the manual
  • Create a professional, user-friendly environment
  • Help minimize tech-support calls
  • Eliminate tedious coding, compiling, testing and debugging
  • Significantly reduce development time
  • Provide a professional, organized on-line help program
  • Procedures Manuals
  • Company Databases
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Information Guides
  • Read Me Files
  • Shared Network Information
  • Electronic Books
  • On-line Tests
The ease of use of Visual Help does not hinder its power, you will be able to access all the professional features of the windows help environment such as content, macros, secondary windows, menu buttons, segmented hyper graphics, and non-scroll regions, all with the ease of click drag and drop. This makes Visual Help the right choice for the advanced users as well as the novice.
The real advantage of Visual Help is its object oriented interface.  This is most evident whenever editing the contents of a particular topic; an area you'll be spending 90% of your time.  Whenever you edit a topic, it is opened in its own special "Design Window" containing its own toolbar and status line.  You can then add paragraphs, headings, bullets, jumps, bitmaps, sound, video, and other objects by dragging them off the toolbox and dropping them onto topic window.
Assign context ID's manually or let Visual Help automatically assign then for you. Also an include file is generated by Visual Help for the programmer to include in a project to reference context IDs in the help file. By defining constants for the context IDs which use the name of the topic, the programmer can avoid problems which arise from changing context ID numbers.