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Instant Help Pro
Instant Help Pro automatically generates
  • a complete help system out of a Visual C++ project,
  • automatically upgrading the project and C++ source files
  • for showing the generated help files,
  • and lets you edit the help files later with the own editor.
  • The same project file will be used to generate both kinds of help files.
  Georg Scheidel Communications Software

In a few minutes you get:
  • Full context-sensitive help for all program elements in three languages ( english, german, french ), pages for often used topics, automatically generated
  • icons and images, full navigation, with indexing, search, and browsing.
  • You can easilly insert new text, images, links, or new topics.
  • The resulting program will use HTML help (CHM files) or WinHelp(HLP files).
  • You need no programming to achieve this. We insert the necessary code for you.
  • We also create the complete projects for the resource DLL in the target language and include the projects in the main workspace.