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Hypertext Studio
The HyperText Studio is a WYSIWYG HyperText Authoring tool. It makes managing Web Sites, HTML pages and Windows Help files effortless! The HyperText Studio is the next version of Olson Software's popular HWA WinHelp and HTML authoring tool.
By Olson Soft

HyperText Studio assists you in your development of:
  • Application help files
  • Intranets
  • Web sites
  • Tutorials
  • A store for commonly used information, such as company policies
Create information in any format
The HyperText Studio is the easiest way to create and manage any of the following types of documentation:
  • HTML 3.2
    At last you can use a tool that makes it as simple as point and click to create and manage HTML sites! Use all the latest techniques for creating great web pages through the HyperText Studio's support for frames, tables, absolute positioning and cascading style sheets. If you want dynamic and interactive pages you can make use the Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition or JavaScript support.
  • Microsoft Windows Help 3.1 and 4.0
    Creating Windows Help files has always been easy with Olson Software products. The HyperText Studio takes creating help file to new heights of simplicity with its support for multiple help files in one project and the Olson Software Help tools that allow you add special effects such as buttons to your help files.
  • Microsoft HTML Help 1.0
    The next generation of Help is upon us and because of its full HTML 3.2 support, creating rich and effective content for your HTML Help files is effortless using the HyperText Studio!
  • Printed Documentation
    When you want to create a printed manual of your HyperText Studio project just use the Build| Printed Document menu command and the HyperText Studio will do the hard work for you, freeing you to ensure that your manual's content is correct.
Format independence
If your documentation needs to be output in more than one of the above formats you can easily change your format without losing data. The HyperText Studio does the hard work of ensuring that your content and special effects are transferred in the best way possible between formats.
Different Editions
To ensure that you have a product that meets your needs, different editions are available:
  • Standard
    Meets the basic needs for those developing WinHelp 3.1 or HTML files.
  • Professional
    Meets the needs of a professional WinHelp or HTML author. Provides everything in the Standard Edition with many useful additional features.