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HelpWriter for Delphi
HelpWriter for Delphi will read any Delphi project and create a full help system in minutes. Just enter your help text and push a single button to compile. It even updates all your source code, adding context sensitive help to every form/control in the program!
By Teletech Systems

  • Creates help files for any Delphi application (Versions 1,2, 3, 4 and 5)
  • Creates help files for Windows 3.1, Win 95, 98,  NT, and Windows 2000 (Winhelp format)
  • Rescan your project at any time to add new forms and controls in the help file
  • Imports/Exports RTF files to other tools and word processors
  • Easily create hotspot graphics
  • Link to sound files, bitmaps, and AVI files!
  • Supports an automatically generated GLOSSARY and popup definitions for dictionary items
  • Integrated WYSIWYG editor
  • Integrated spell checking with custom dictionary support
  • Handles long filenames and directory names
  • Right click context sensitive menus in editor
  • Improved help creation wizard
  • "indent" and "unindent" functions on toolbar
  • Adjust all paragraph settings in the new paragraph dialog
  • Improved GLOSSARY handling (ignore some entries or selective case sensitivity)
  • Individual cell/word formatting in tables
  • Bitmap directory assignable per project
  • Improved topic printing
  • Improved spell checking checks fields and will be multi-language capable
  • Support for additional window types (including autosize). Easy to use "window attributes" dialog page.
  • Improved control over tables
  • Office 97 style configurable menu bar/toolbar
  • 128 character "symbol" dialog like the one in Word
  • Full undo on bullet lists
  • Pasting into "keywords" tab no longer deletes current entries