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Help & Manual
Help & Manual is a full featured WYSIWYG help authoring tool, designed to create all types of help files, hypertext documentation and print manuals. It's made for novice users as well as for skilled authors with long experience in help authoring.
Help & Manual combines a text editor and a tree-view of the content in one window. This simple and intuitive interface has been much copied but never reached the same usability level.

Our major goal with Help & Manual was not only to ease the creation of help files using a WYSIWYG design interface but to create various output formats from the same single source.
Never write a help file twice! This was the initial idea when we started development two years ago. Help & Manual organizes the bunch of files a help project may consist of in a single project file. From this source, it creates the different output formats:
  • Help files for Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT including a table of contents
  • Help files for Windows 3.x and hybrid help files that can be viewed on 16 bit and 32 bit Windows systems
  • HTML HELP - the new HTML based help format introduced in Windows 98
  • Plain HTML that can be used on the internet, an intranet or for distribution of your manual on a CD-ROM
  • Printed manuals - Help & Manual directly prints booklet style manuals
  • Additionally - electronic manuals in rich text format
As software developers we know how frustrating it is to create or simply to update help files. What you see is what you get. Help & Manual does what it says it does.