H e l p m a s t e r


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GenHelp is an application to generate help files for components used by Borland's RAD development tools C++ Builder and Delphi.
Peter Fraser
  • http://www.frasersoft.net/genhelp

    • Full Wysiwyg editing with simple editing of links.
    • Creates different help files for each version of VCL source with single source file.
    • Import of pascal & C++ header files to generate topic outline.
    • Tree view in both topic order and component hierarchy.
    • Bookmarks (10) with identical shortcuts to Borland IDE. Bookmarks and current topic position for each file are saved.
    • Search facilities.
    • Additional keywords can be added for easier help file searching with auto-complete of keywords already used..
    • Lists of 'see-also' topics can be specified with auto-complete of topics already in help file..
    • Single topic file for Delphi/BCB syntax - can generate both help files with one command.
    • Help files can be generated with or without property methods displayed.
    • Generated help files have hierarchy pop-up and also show inherited properties, methods and events.