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F1 Help
F1Help is the application to generate windows help files, HtmlHelp or html documents from any Delphi source file. It is handy for component writers that want to document their components and source code with an integrated help in the Delphi environment and don't want to struggle with several different environments to document their sources and keep them all synchronized.
Free by Janco Tanis
  • http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/5524/f1help.html

    The program will parse the Delphi source files for all public definitions from the unit's interface section and it will even parse complete projects. All publics are shown in a treeview. The declaration and comments are showed when an item is highlighted. This will help you to get a quick overview on the selected project. F1Help has the following options:
    • Shows a hierarchical tree from the source files with all public defines.
    • Parses complete Delphi project files (.dpr) and units (.pas) from the commandline.
    • Generates windows help, HtmlHelp and html files from pascal source files almost without any user intervention.
    • Generates optionally a contents file for Windows95 and NT (winhlp32.exe).
    • Generates compatible helpfiles to incorporate within Delphi 1, 2, 3 and 4
    • Will optionally open the generated help file.
    • Will optionally generate examples and task lists.
    • Will generate kwf files from the rtf help source (B-keys for Delphi 1 and 2, and A-keys for Delphi 3 are included in the help file)
    • Will let you configure the Help window size, position, colors and buttons
    • Will generate complete documentation in HTML format.
    • Will generate complete documentation in HtmlHelp format.
    • Will use JavaDoc tags to add extra information to the generated documentation.
    • Will use use-net like tags to beautify the generated documentation.