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AuthorIT is one of the most sophisticated and advanced tools for authoring, management, and publishing of on-line and printed documents from a single source. Optical Systems Corporation Ltd.

AuthorIT generates hard copy, Windows on-line Help, HTML Help, and HTML pages from a single source while still retaining the specific features and characteristics of each media. This means that you enter and format the information once and only once, to get all four forms of documentation. This greatly reduces duplication of effort in both the development and ongoing maintenance of your documentation. With AuthorIT you can quickly and efficiently produce professional quality documentation, such as:
  • policy and procedure manuals
  • health and safety manuals
  • quality manuals
  • technical manuals
  • training manuals
  • specifications
  • software user guides
  • on-line context sensitive help systems
  • Websites and Intranets
  • and much, much more.