H e l p m a s t e r


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WinHelp Plus
Add-On library for Windows Help 16-Bit
  • OldFile: limits the life of a helpfile
  • MBx: provides a messagebox which returns the user's responce to a question
  • Date: checks whether a specified date is paste, now or in the future
  • Exist: checks whether a specified file exists
  • FreeKB: checks whether the user has a specified number of disk space free
  • ScrnX: checks the screen resolution
  • AltF4: toggles the state of the close item in the System Menu
  • Time: checks the time
  • CanSee: checks whether a file is visible to windows
  • ChD: changes the current directory
  • NumClr: checks the color capacity of the display
Freeware by John Carroll