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WinHelp GetINI
Retrieve Values From INI Files
Performs two basic functions which have never before been widely available to Winhelp authors. These functions will usually require a third custom macro function accessible directly from Windows' own components. Firstly, it retrieves numerical values from Windows INI files up to a maximum of 32767 and stuffs these values into Winhelp macros. Secondly, it retrieves strings of text from Windows INI files. These strings can be up to 256 characters long in 32-bit helpfiles or 10 characters long in 16-bit helpfiles. (Windows NT has not been tested). These strings can also be stuffed into Windows Help macros as macro parameters. WHGETINI.DLL provides additional error-handling functionality by permitting you to use a default value in your macro if no valid INI value (string or integer) exists where the macro expects to find it. Since these functions depend on the existence of INI file values for their use, they will usually require a third custom macro in your project, WritePrivateProfileString(). A fourth custom macro, MessageBox(), will also be desirable in many projects using these two macros to help explain some of the more unusual applications of the macros to the end user.
Freeware by Michael M. Andersen