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Enhanced About Box DLL
The Enhanced About Box dlls for WinHelp will allow you to display your own icon in the top left corner of a professional looking 3-D "About/Version information" box. You can also specify the Title Bar text as well as what goes in the following 6 data fields:
Title/Program Name: (i.e. SPAM-Views)
File Name: i.e. (SPAMVws.hlp)
Version or Date: (i.e. 4.00.a or 11/19/98)
Copyright String:
Company Name:

The Enhanced About box looks like the stock 3-D WinHelp About box except there's not a word about Microsoft on it (unless you put it there) and your logo appears on it - not the standard WinHelp Logo. It's easy to use and gives authors a means to display important and file specific information about their help files and their Company in a very professional looking manner.
The dlls come in 16 bit and 32 bit flavours so you can use them with both WinHelp 4 and 3.x applications.
Shareware by SOLSTICE Environmental Management Ltd.