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WinHelp Development Aids
Here you will find the largest in the world collection of WinHelp development aids and tutorials. If you have heard about a free available freeware or shareware you should tell me about it.
Josef Becker

4.0 Bug List
The unofficial bug list.
Collected and compiled by Steve Pruitt and William Meisheid
deutsch 99Steps
Ein Schritt für Schritt Tutorial
Freeware by Hans-Jürgen Philippi
Adding a CNT to a WinHelp3 file
An online tutorial
Free by John Carroll
All Chars
A valid chars in WinHelp reference
Freeware by Paul O'Rear
All about Help files in Borland Delphi
A tutorial about connecting WinHelp to Delphi
Freeware by Alexander Halser
Autoduck 2.0
Generate Help from Comment Blocks
Freeware by Eric Artzt
Baggage 1.01
WinHelp File Baggage Handler
Freeware by Bent Lynggaard
Connecting Winhelp to C++ and Visual Basic
Tutorials in PDF format
Freeware by Don Lammers
Context Help
For testing context-sensitive help files
Free by Ed Bacher and Rahul Karnik
Creating Windows Help
A guide about writing WinHelp with many pictures
Portions by Microsoft
Easy Fix for Word 97 RTF
Fix buggy WinWord97 RTF
Freeware by Eon-Solutions
Editorium Word Plugins
A collection of usefull small tools.
By Editorium
Remove not needed font Information from RTF
Freeware by Microsoft
Guide to the win 32 API
Freeware by Paul O'Rear
Extended Help Compiler HCP 3.10.505 (16Bit)
The 16 bit Help compiler. Here you will find the hebrew version too.
Free by Microsoft
Help Compiler/Workshop HCW403 (32Bit)
The 32 bit Help compiler. Here you will find the hebrew version too.
Free by Microsoft
Help 2 RTF
Decompiler and Handout Generator
Shareware by Herd Software
Help Access Library (with samples)
A completely unique set of utilities and function libraries designed to make sophisticate WinHelp programming a breeze.
Shareware by Herd Software
Help Decompiler 2.1
First class decompiler. Here you will find win-shells for helpdeco too.
Freeware by Manfred Winterhoff
Help File Formats
Best available description
Freeware by Manfred Winterhoff
Help Info
How to write 16-Bit WinHelp
Freeware by Ted Kahn
Help Linker 2000
Fastest and easy way to apply context-sensitive help.
Shareware by T.D.S. - Training & Documentation Solutions Ltd.
Patches a compiled HLP to change the window positions.
Freeware by Alexander Halser, EC Software
Consistency Verification Tool
Shareware by Translation Craft
Help Tables
A guide to tables in WinHelp
Freeware by Morten Elling
CallHelp, HelpSpy, HelpHelp.dll
Freeware by Ron Burk
How to: Creating a Web Link in 16 bit WinHelp
Without using a DLL
Freeware by MVP Jeff Hall
How to write HLP
A tutorial.
Free by Lars-Erik Aabech
Macro Help (16-Bit)
Documentation about HLP-macros.
Found somewhere on the web
Macro Reference
A reference compilation
Freeware by Jim Mischel
Modify WinHelp Windows
A tutorial and demonstration HLP
Freeware by Carlos Roberto Maciel Levy
Pop to Clipboard
Freeware by Bob Workman
Pop up
Freeware by Michael Cessna
Programmer's Reference
A collection
Freeware by Don Lammers and Paul O'Rear
Remove Buttons and Menus
A tutorial
Freeware by Carlos Roberto Maciel Levy
Revision Marks DOT
A Word Tool
By Phil Pinder, Peak Communications Ltd.
RTF 1.1
Guide about plain WinHelp RTF
Freeware by Infinite Edge
RTF 1.5
Free by Microsoft
RTF 1.5
Specification HLP
Free HLP, compiled by Bob Porter
RTF Addendum
For Word 97 RTF
Free by Microsoft
RTF Checker
Checks brace mismatch
Free by Microsoft
RTF Fixer
Fixes numbered lists
Free by Microsoft
RTF Modify
Modifies WinWord RTF
By Microsoft
SHED 2b: Segmented Hypergraphics Editor
This is the version with Import/Export function.
Free by Microsoft
ShgRez 1.01
Removes resolution information
Freeware by Stephen Jenkins
Table Borders
Freeware by Charlie Munroe
Table Borders
Freeware by Edward Guy
Training Cards (32-Bit) Example
Freeware by Jack DeLand
Search, replace, strip and convert nearly everthing.
Shareware by Simon Carter
Title Bar, On/Off during Runtime
A tutorial
Freeware by Carlos Roberto Maciel Levy
Viewer windows style manipulation
Works with WinHelp too
Freeware by John Kilgo
Wextech Fix for Word 97 RTF
Needed for hcp505
Freeware by wextech
WH wEdit v.1.22
Free by Bent Lynggaard
WHAG: The WinWord HAG
This is the complete version as Word DOC
Free by Microsoft
WinHelp Authoring Tool (16Bit)
Free by Microsoft, modified by Josef Becker
WinHelp Project File Editor
Bound for hcp505 HPJ
Freeware by Storyteller James Hiller
Windows API
This is one of the most important documentations
Freeware by Paul Arnote
WM_WINHELP messages explorer
It is a WinHelp EXE Faker
Freeware by Ed Balch
Word 97 Converter
Plugin for Word6 and Word97
Free by Microsoft
Word Help
How to write WinHelp with Word
Written by an unknown HelpMaster