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Macro Reference
A compilation
The information in this help file was compiled from two primary sources: Microsoft Windows 3.1 Programmer's Reference, Volume 4: Resources, and Chapter 15, "Help Macro Reference," of the Windows Help Authoring Guide found on the Summer 1993 edition of the Microsoft Developer Network CD-ROM.
Far from being just another rehash of Microsoft's documentation, this help file provides information on undocumented WinHelp features, macros, and side-effects, and also corrects the many errors that appear in Microsoft's documentation. As much as possible, I have personally verified all of the information in this help file through my own experimentation. If you find discrepancies, please let me know so that I can update my information for future editions. In particular, any further information about the undocumented macros would be greatly appreciated.
Freeware by Jim Mischel