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Creating a Web Link in 16 bit WinHelp without using a DLL
"There is a method of using HCP.EXE to compile a WinHelp link to a URL which will work on both 32-bit and 16-bit Windows. It's a complicated solution for which I apologise in advance! Let me say at the outset that if you are compiling using HCRTF.EXE then don't use this method, just use the EF()macro.
The solution involves using the Windows API "ShellExecute()" statement when the help file is being displayed by WINHELP.EXE and the EF() macro when WinHLP32.EXE is being used. To achieve this, it is necessary to use "the holy grail" macro that determines which WinHelp engine is running."
This file includes an example and everything ou need.
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