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Help Tools
16-Bit Help Tools
CallHelp is a utility that lets you interactively call WinHelp(), the Windows API function that an application uses to communicate with winhelp.exe. To use CallHelp, add callhelp.exe to a Program Manager group and then double-click its icon. Select the Open option from the File menu in order to select a help file to operate. Next, select a WinHelp() command and fill in any arguments it takes. Finally, press the Execute button to execute the corresponding call to WinHelp().
Helphelp.dll is a library of routines that you can call from your Windows help file to accomplish functions not supported by the default WinHelp macros.

HelpSpy is a utility that displays, in detail, all calls that any application makes to WinHelp(). HelpSpy is very simple to use. Just add helpspy.exe to a Program Manager group and double click on the HelpSpy icon. The HelpSpy window will appear and, from then until you close the HelpSpy window, any calls made to WinHelp() will be displayed in the HelpSpy window.
Freeware by Ron Burk