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HelpQA is the industry standard quality assurance tool for localized RTF-based online help systems for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT.
Translating RTF files almost invariably introduces errors which can affect the functioning of the help system. Such errors include deleted and inadvertently translated footnotes, altered jumps, missing graphic references and so forth. HelpQA performs a complete consistency check across two help projects to ensure that the localized help file functions identically to the original source project.
Shareware by Translation Craft

HelpQA can also be used during the authoring process to detect many common errors, formatting and functionality problems which are not reported by the help compiler, but which may cause display or functional errors in the final compiled help system.

HelpQA includes support for all native help compiler source formats, including help project files (HPJ), rich text format (RTF), Windows 95 contents files (CNT) and the BMP, WMF, SHG and MRB graphic file formats. Its use therefore requires no changes to your localization process. HelpQA also includes full support for all single byte and double byte languages, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional)