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Program Add-ins for Microsoft Word
Usefull small tools
Editor's ToolKit
provides powerful tools for editing in Microsoft Word, including the ability to show and stet revisions at the touch of a key. Quickly transpose words, transpose characters, change case, insert dashes and bullets, mark spec levels, change text to true title case, and much more.
our most popular program, cleans up common typographical problems in electronic manuscripts, including multiple spaces, multiple returns, spaces around dashes, improperly typed ellipses, ells used as ones, directly applied font formatting (while retaining character formatting such as italic), and so on.
strips embedded, automatically-numbered notes as numbered text to the end of a document (while retaining italics and other formatting), or converts text notes into embedded, automatically-numbered ones! In addition, it provides a variety of other tools to make working with notes a snap.
converts edited Word documents into XPressTag files that can be imported into QuarkXPress while retaining style names and character formatting such as italic and bold. Fixes bad hyphenation and other typographical problems. Provides cross-platform character conversion from PC to Mac or Mac to PC. Converts Word index entries into QuarkXPress index entries, allowing editors to index in Word. QuarkConverter may cut your typesetting time and expenses in half.
Editor's ToolKit Plus
includes Editor's ToolKit, FileCleaner, NoteStripper, and QuarkConverter, all in one integrated program. This comprehensive editing suite gives you the tools to take a publication from raw manuscript to finished files ready for typesetting.
our newest program, makes it possible to adjust word spacing (tracking); insert crop marks; automatically style block quotations, lists, and poetry; and (on a Macintosh) use ligatures in Microsoft Word. It also includes other features and organizes Word to make typesetting and desktop publishing easy.
replaces multiple text strings (characters, words, or phrases) or styles in multiple documents. The perfect tool for achieving complete consistency in a manuscript or for cleaning up all kinds of errors in one fell swoop.
automates repetitive tasks by running a list of macros or Word commands on all open documents or all documents in a folder. The ultimate in batch processing with Microsoft Word.
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