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HTML Help: Must Have
Microsoft® HTML Help is the standard help system for the Windows platform. Authors can use HTML Help to create online help for a software application or to create content for a multimedia title or Web site. Developers can use the HTML Help API to program a host application or hook up context-sensitive help to an application. As an information delivery system, HTML Help is suited for a wide range of applications, including training guides, interactive books, and electronic newsletters, as well as help for software applications.
For developing HTML Help files you do not need so much. In fact: All absolutely needed tools are available with no charges.
Josef Becker

Microsoft HTML Help Starting Page
Here you you will find the newest HTML Help Workshop. Users with operating systems other than Windows 2000 should run HHUPD.EXE to install the latest HTML Help run-time files (used to display .chm files).
Free by Microsoft
For writing HTML you need a HTML editor or a specialiced authoring tool. If you prefer a HTML editor you should have the following low-priced tool too.
Der HTML Help Workshop setzt bei der automatischen Generierung des Inhaltsverzeichnisses Umlaute nicht richtig um. Viele spezialisierte Autorensysteme korrigieren diesen Fehler. Wenn Sie jedoch einen HTML Editor einsetzen, benötigen Sie zwingend das folgende kleine Tool.
Download FAR 4 Build 621
If you use a HTML editor you should have the little tool. If you use a HTML editor and use a language other than english/american, you must have this tool. It is low priced.
Shareware by MVP Robert Chandler