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HTML Help: Information

The MS HTML Help Start Page
Here you will find the official MS HTML Help Start Page.
HTML Help Discussion Forum
HATT is a discussion forum for HLP and HTML Help 1.x developers.
HTML Help in VB, C++ and MFC
Here programmers will find answers: How to connect HTML Help to Visual Basic and C++/MFC. By Don Lammers.
Tipps und Tricks zu HTML Help.
HTML Help in Office 2000
A very unique article on adding HTML Help to your custom Office 2000 solution. By Microsoft.
HTML Help in Delphi
Here programmers will find the Delphi HTML Help Kit. "The Kit" consists of two units and documentation. The first unit is a port of C++ header file "HtmlHelp.h". The second is a library of HTML help related functions. These files will work under Delphi 2 or greater. By Rob Chandler (MVP).
HTML Help in Access
Using HTML Help With Microsoft Access. By David Liske (MVP).
Japanese site about HTML Help
Information about HTML Help on a japanese site. By Yuko Ishida (MVP).
About the HTML Help Applet
The Microsoft HTML Help Applet: A Working Description Of Its Usage.
By David Liske (MVP).
MS KB about HTML Help
Links to MS knowledge base articles about HTML Help.
By Rob Chandler (MVP).
HTML Help in Fox Pro
HTML Help in Fox Pro (VFP 3.0 and 5.0)