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Web 2 CHM
A tool for on-the-fly conversion of web pages to CHM.
Web2HTMLHelp is a simple to use wizard driven program that will enable you to convert your webpages or HTML documentation into a Microsoft HTMLHelp format file. Web2HTMLHelp even allows use of some undocumented features of HTMLHelp.
  • Webpages are compiled into a single, easily distributable, file (*.chm)
  • Compiled files are also compressed, greatly reducing the overall size
  • Customize Toolbar and add Custom Button
  • Customize HTMLHelp Window size and position
  • Optional Search and Advanced Search facilities
  • Set HTMLHelp window so it is always topmost (Stay-on-top)

  • Freeware/Shareware by D. Catterson
Download: web2hh.zip (200kb)