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TwinText Source Code Documentation Tool
A large amount of duplication is normally involved when code and its documentation are written and maintained as separate entities. Also, as code grows, so does the complexity of the related documentation and the effort needed to maintain both in sync. TwinText™, a friendly source code documentation tool, solves this problem by generating HTML and HTML Help documentation directly from code comments. Normally tags, markup or specific comment boxes are not needed, so code comments remain clean, readable and familiar. In addition, the appearance of the documentation can be easily customized.
Document from the Source
  • TwinText works with virtually all programming languages, including: Ada, ASP, Assembler, C, C++, C#, Delphi, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, VBScript, Visual Basic .NET and Visual Basic
  • Create external documentation from naturally looking code comments
  • Ideal for automatic detail design and help generation
  • Document routines, APIs, modules, classes, libraries, scripts and stored procedures
Key Features and Benefits
  • Multiple, customizable documentation styles
  • HTML 4.01 compliant output
  • Native Windows and Unix file handling
  • Immediate feedback on embedded web browser
  • Works with plain text files; the documentation source does not need to be enclosed within code comments
  • Automatic and configurable generation of Table of Contents, Summary, Index, Links and other elements, including a searchable Index and collapsible Table of Contents
  • Recognition of lists, parameter definitions and other elements
  • Handles virtually any comment box format
  • Insert images and hyperlinks easily
  • ASCII diagrams can be included in the documentation
  • Able to work on a file or project basis
  • XML project file for easy modification or generation
  • Able to extract comments from thousands of files and millions of lines of code
  • Project can include foreign HTML files
  • Project can combine multiple source file types: document a solution written in several programming languages
  • Projects can be built using the command line
  • One of the most straightforward source code documentation tools available
How it Works
You simply start each comment section to be included in the documentation with a section opener, like Name: < your function, method, class, ... > Then, you create a project to include all the relevant source files. TwinText will generate HTML documentation by extracting, indexing, linking and formatting your comments according to the settings and style chosen.
Shareware by PTLogica