H e l p m a s t e r


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HelpJotter is an all-in-one solution for authoring your help files. It has the following capabilities:
  • Word Processing ability.
    The ability to do word processing means content authoring can be done easily without the need of messy external editors. Data is stored in a one file, making it easy to maintain.
  • Compiler ability.
    The ability to automatically create help files from source documents provides very fast turn-around time. You can select multiple targets to WinHelp, HTML (Website), HTML-Help and PDF makes it a snap to use.
  • Print ability.
    The ability to print out documentation immediately is a time saver. Immediate printouts from source.
  • Decompiler and import ability.
    The ability to decompile current help files and import existing content means you can instantly use what you have done.
  • Graphics manipulation ability.
    The ability to instantly capture screens and manipulate them easily means you can provide the best screen shots for your content.
Shareware by VizAcc