H e l p m a s t e r


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HelpBreeze is a stand-alone WYSIWIG tool with full support for authoring both Microsoft HTML Help and Sun's JavaHelp, as well as printed documentation. Here are some of the features you will find in HelpBreeze HTML Help/JavaHelp Edition:
  • A powerful but easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor for developing help content. Or if you prefer, HelpBreeze will integrate directly with a 3rd party HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc.).This lets you use HelpBreeze's project management and TOC/Index tools in conjuction with your preferred HTML editor.
  • Full access to the HTML source code (i.e. HTML tags).
  • Drag and drop table of contents and index creation and maintenance.
  • Complete project management features automatically handle the creation and maintenance of all the files required for a working HTML Help or JavaHelp system.
  • Test/Preview mode lets you test your help system from within the editing environment.
  • Compile (HTML Help) or build index keywords and run the JAR compressor (JavaHelp) from within the authoring environment.
  • Automatically create printed documentation (for use as a manual or PDF file) from the topics in your help project.
  • Easily import existing HTML content.
  • Generates map files for linking the online help to applications.
  • HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition works directly with Visual Basic to make adding HTML Help to VB applications easy.
  • HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition includes preset style sheets so you can easily create online help systems that have the same look and feel Microsoft or Sun use in their own online help.